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Recent email from  peer who was running a Groupon campaign:


I’m in the middle of running my first Groupon campaign and it’s a total nightmare!

All I seem to attract are these super cheap deal seekers, they are already getting 50% of my boot camp service, but when they arrive they also try and get further discounts off my other products.

When we tell these customers that we just cannot agree to such demands they start getting so angry with my staff, they scream, shout and make such a scene it’s just unbeliveable what lengths people go to to save money! 

It’s just so EMBARRASSING in front of the other customers, everybody was looking at me, I felt the my face go red, it was just awful…I dread to imagine what my best customers were thinking of me and my business, they may decide never to come back!

I thought Groupon was meant to increase my customer base!!!

I desperately need new customers that are going to return to my business so that I can generate some revenue!

One of my friends told me that you were the local expert on Groupon, can you please help?

- Roger

Hi, my name is Neil, I am an owner of a successful small business marketing company which is based in Chicago.

The above emails are the types of messages I have been receiving from embarssed business owners who are trying to obtain repeat customers by running Groupon campaigns.

Roger owns a local fitness boot camp, the problem was that some of these Groupon deal seekers were causing such highly embarrassing situations in front of his best customers, that he missed the most critical part of how to increase his loyal paying customer base using Groupon.

A recent study by Rice University named ‘How Businesses Fare with Daily Deals’ shows clear evidence that a percentage of small business owners running a Groupon campaign:

  •  Attract price-sensitive deal-prone shoppers with little interest in repeat purchases at full price;

  • Clearly demonstrate that businesses are not set up in getting daily deal users to spend beyond the deal value when they return a second time.

This study highlights that the problems you may be facing are NOT YOU’RE FAULT

So how did Roger manage to obtain repeat customers using Groupon?

Using a KILLER and proven technique, we re-ran Roger’s Groupon campaign for his boot camp service.

During the campaign, we drove over 940 leads to his Groupon deal and then identified repeat buyers by sending each customer to a website page where they were offered a $1 physical fitness assessment upsell.

Here’s how we did this in 2 steps:

Step 1: We requested the customer’s credit card details before they were given access to the coupon deal. 

Step 2: Once the customers submitted their details, we then immediately offered the $1 physical fitness assessment upsell.

Why did this method work?

We used a persuasion skill named ‘the reciprocity rule’ on our website page.

The other day, I was walking down the street when I was greeted by a young boy.  He introduced herself as a member of the Boy Scouts, he then handed me a complimentary home made choclate bar and then asked if wanted to buy tickets to the annual Boy Scouts brass band cermony.  

I bought a couple, and right away, realized that something strange had happended…I did’nt even want tickets to see the brass band cermoney, yet I felt obliged to buy them because of the boys free chocolate bar gift.

We applied the same persuasion skill, and the same thing happened…by offering a special low price $1 physical fitness assessment upsell with the intention of helping these customers lose weight, subconsciously they felt obliged to give back.

The customers that were willing to sign up to the $1 physical fitness assessment upsell typically became repeat buyers that generated over $310,000 for Roger in just 2.5 months!

Roger now NEVER worries about deal seekers causing embarssing situations in front of his best customers…he knows the killer technique for driving hundreds of leads to a Groupon campaign and then turning them repeat customers.

You could be using the same technique Roger used to generate leads and identify repeat customers using Groupon IMMEDIATELY.

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Inside this complimentary video report, you will learn:   

  • What To Do If You Want To Generate Hundreds Of Leads & Turn Them In To Repeat Customers, But Worry Deal Seekers Will Destroy Your Reputation
  • The Exact Case Study That Generated $310,000 & 944 Leads For A Rookie Personal Trainer Using Groupon….Who Now NEVER Has To Worry About Deal Seekers Causing Embarssing Siutations In Front Of His Best Customers Again

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Neil Venketramen 


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